Here’s how Blogging Biz 101 creates a blog.

You can follow along if you like.

So you want to create a blog?
So you want to create a blog?

You’ve almost certainly heard about bloggers who make a fortune from Blogging.

You may have seen posts about bloggers who publish their monthly blog income reports.

You want to buy in to some of that – hey?

But who can you trust to provide the best information for bloggers starting out, like you are?  Are those bloggers at the big end of town too far removed from your reality to still be relevant to you?  I certainly feel that setting a goal to be the next Problogger is out of reach AT THE MOMENT.  After all, I’m just starting out (again)

But I can aspire to something greater than mediocre. And so can you.

Or do you aspire to be exactly like those multi-thousand dollar a month gurus? If so, great. Set your goals, make them SMART and off you go! Good luck.

Whatever your aspirations for your blog are, one day you have to START.

I’m not a guru. is where I am documenting my own case study of how to start and make a successful blog.

Read about me in My Back Story

I have a back history of WHAT NOT TO DO. And that’s why I want you to give me a go. Place your trust in me and I will help you to succeed.

I’m hoping you can learn from me, and I will do everything I can to help you not to fall into the traps that are out there.

I am sharing with you now – the exact method I have developed and followed to get 58 Websites started. Why am I doing this?

I want to find out if this methodology still works well today. On this journey, I hope to share with you what works well and what is out of date. I’ll find new things on my journey and add them to this page, so come back often to find out what’s new.

So – please follow along with me as I test out (and tweak) the methods that I’ve been using. I’d be thrilled for your input, so PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT on any aspect of this page, this “training”. Jump in and start your own blog using these methods, if you like.


Day One


Don’t know what you’re going to write about? Then determine what you’re passionate about. Make a list of the things you love to do – the things you enjoy talking about to friends – the things you want to become great at and known for being good at. Once you know your passion, it’s time to get started on the plan.

No, you’re not going to buy a website today!  Today is all about prep.

Do you have a business plan or a process or some steps you think you might follow to start your blog? I want you to elaborate on that plan. Do a brain dump or a mind map and get your thought process down on paper.

type out the process you intend to follow in order to bring your blog to life!

Use Dot Points.

Now, if you want to, you could even use the process you’ve just typed out (your dot points) to create your home page (just like I’ve done on this home page) – it will also help you to come up with ideas for blog posts. Many of the words in your process can link to pages or posts you will create later to grow your site. Believe it or not, by the time I had “finished” typing out this page I had 45 related posts ready to be created.

This really works well for a How to Blog type of blog such as

Am I making sense?

You type out how you’re going to make a website, then you paste that “how I’m going to make this website” onto your home page. You elaborate on each of the dot points in linked posts that you’re going to create.

Let me explain a bit more.  

As you’re reviewing your dot points in your home page post, you start to elaborate on what each dot point means to you. Rather than make your home page the location of ALL your thoughts on the dot point, highlight a particular sequence of words that appeal to you, that you think you could easily pull together an interesting post for, and create a link that looks like Yes, create a link to a post that doesn’t exist yet.

Now, don’t worry, I’m going to solve this problem quite easily.  You will need to create these posts asap, but in the day it takes to create your home page, I doubt you’re going to get much traffic who might encounter a 404 error if they link to that post.

If you don’t know where to start, you can borrow the how to start a blog process that I’ve created here.

If you don’t think the “create a blog by dot point” method is going to work for you, if your head is already brimming with blog ideas and you’re not suffering from writer’s block, and maybe you just need a few instructions on how to take the leap into blogging, you are welcome to use my methods below. I hope they help you.

Below you will find my dot points that I’ve been using for many years to get my sites up. You may wonder what on earth I’m talking about in some of my dot points, but bear with me.  Remember – this is my dot point list and it makes perfect sense to me – I already know how all these dot points work. But don’t worry, I will describe the whole process for each dot point in the linked posts.


Let's Do This


First you have to find out if you can rank for the keywords in your niche. No point writing swathes of text if nobody ever finds your website! You need to know that you can get your keywords on Page 1 of Google for that keyword.

You need to know that you can rank on Page 1 for your keywords

  • I will need to send you to Jennifer Ledbetter’s RAM page to understand how this is done. Trust me, you are going to be amazed. Jennifer is incredible and truly generous with her time, knowledge and experience. She has tried and tested many methods to create (mainly) Amazon affiliate sales web pages and she has perfected this RAM method that just works. OK.  So go and visit Jen, learn about RAM and come back here when you’re done…. Reverse Attack Marketing is all about creating round up posts on Web 2.0 properties, getting them indexed and getting them ranked on Page 1. You’ll be creating links all over the web that give kudos to your posts. The pages you create with your RAM Campaigns will eventually link back to your main website.

Get your blogging plans in place

  • Create Notes in Evernote (or whatever works for you) for ‘RAM Sites’, ‘My Competition’, ‘Products to Promote’, ‘PLR Listings’, ‘Keywords’, ‘Post Ideas’ and ‘Setting Up’. I store these instructions (this web page) in ‘Setting Up’ to remind me how to do it! Here’s my Evernote folders, for example:Blogging Biz 101 dot com Evernote
  • Do your RAM campaign if not already done.
  • Take your Jaaxy Keyword research – store your keywords in Evernote.

Find Products to Promote

Source Articles to Use For Promoting Your Website and Building Up Content

  • Search Article Directories for PLR e.g.,,, – copy each article to a notepad document. Make sure you read the Terms of Service as there are limits to how many articles you can use, and you need to respect the author and give them link juice. Create a folder on your computer and move any relevant PLR you may already have on your PC to it along with any new PLR you source.
  • Create a list of your articles and store this in Evernote. You can do this by typing dir>sitearticles.txt from a command prompt – make sure you’re in the right directory first. This will create a file called sitearticles.txt and then you can copy and paste this list into Evernote and cross each article off as you use it.

Make Your Site Beautiful With Quality Images and Photography

Know Your Competition

  • For each of your keywords, get the current Page 1 Google Results and save these links in Evernote – ‘My competition’.
  • Use your competition’s pages – get their RSS feed or subscribe to their email lists…. maybe you can use their ideas for ‘Post Ideas’. But don’t get bogged down reading all their emails and posts. Find something that sparks an idea, grab a paragraph from their post, and start to formulate your own ideas around it. Write that up in your Post Ideas in Evernote.
  • Set up Google Alerts for your keywords – each time an alert comes in, add relevant posts to your Post Ideas. You can link out to these posts and quote the author’s opinions if you can add value to your readership by doing so.

Day Two

Alright, who am I kidding?

If you got everything above done in one day, I really commend you! There is a lot to this process.  The first time you do it, it will be a huge learning curve. It gets easier and easier with each website, and YES, I can do all that in One Day.

Today is the fun day!

Time to purchase your hosting & domain name and set up your website

Setting up your Blog’s Header and Footer

  •  Get a Logo at OR – ensure it has text in it and graphics.
  • Set up the SEO for the Site Name and Tag Line to match the Logo.
  • Upload your header and footer graphics to your site and position them in the header area and footer widget
  • Set up the footer with the Copyright Year, a Posts widget, your Author Bio (as an image including text) and a copy of your logo linking to the home page and save that html to Evernote.
  • Create your author bio and save the html to Evernote

Blog Setup Basics

  • Upgrade WordPress
  • Delete Links, Posts and Comments
  • Choose a Theme
  • Add Tags, using your keywords list
  • Set up general settings in Settings, Reading and Writing and Media Library
  • Add your pinging list in Settings Writing.
  • Add a user for your Personal use – record the username and password in Evernote and Roboform
  • Upload favorite plugins – Statcounter, Google Analytics, Social Signals, Tag Cloud, Adsense, – update versions and install in bulk
  • Set up Google Authorship and Google Analytics
  • Upload a photo of myself and add it as my avatar
  • Upload the array of images which you found earlier to your media library
  • Create pages for Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclaimer, About Me, Contact Us – include a featured image, amazon product, clickbank ad and cj banner and your list in a gallery.

Your blog’s home page AND SUPPORTING PAGES

  • Rename Sample Page to your site’s name or your Keyword, then take the dot point list you created back at step 2.  Make sure your page contains some long-tail keywords from your Jaaxy keyword list and some images. include a featured image, amazon product, clickbank affiliate ad and cj banner and your list in a gallery. Embedding your list as a gallery on your home page, ensures you have some good clickable content on your page while you’re creating it.
  • Consider a “Favorites”, “Recommended” or “Best of” page and list your posts and pages here, as you create them, or links to other respected blogs and websites – add this page to your list.
  • Create a page containing links to your favorite links.  Use this as your place holder while you construct your other pages.  – Potentially use your keyword list on this page as well as linking to your favorite sites and your competition.
  • Create  page for Our other interests – include a featured image, clickbank ad and cj banner or add an Amazon product – This page can link out to your other sites, to other bloggers you trust, to authority sites or sites you like and want to share.


  • Create a custom menu.
  • Add your favorite websites as links within the menu (your own, plus the authorities in your niche, if reputable and if you’re happy to pass link juice to them).
  • Do you have any other websites in this niche?  Go to those sites and add your new Website to its links to create a link wheel.
  • Set up your categories on your website using your keyword list. You may want to add these categories to your main menu too.

Website background and SideBars

  • Set a background image if you’d like to use one.
  • Add Widgets for About, Pages, Posts, Archives, CJ banners, Clickbank banner, Amazon Product, Contact Us, Your Own Product (if you have one already), Tag cloud, Links, Contact Form and remove Meta.
  • Check the theme renders well in iPad and SmartPhone, if not try changing theme or search the wordpress repository for a plugin to make it Mobile.

    Day Three

Let’s get some posts happening

  • Start writing… If you’ve used my tactic you’ll already have many of your post ideas. Remember, your home page (if you created it the same way as me, by typing out your dot points and elaborating on each in a linked post) contains links to each of these posts.

 How to Start a Successful Blog in One Hour (Better Blog Booklets)

Do this For Each of Your Blog Posts

For each post:

  • Write your own thoughts
  • Find out what your competitors are saying about the same keywords – quote them and comment about their ideas.
  • Add a featured image with good alt text
  • Add a clickbank banner
  • Add an Amazon product
  • Add a CJ banner
  • Find relevant Youtube videos that match to your keyword or post ideas and embed.
  • If you get writer’s block, grab a PLR article and properly format it – gosh if you have to, spin it and then re-format (please re-write it – most spun text is gobbledygook)
  • Use H1 and H2 tags
  • Set tags and posting date (post every day if you can, and no less than every three days)
  • Once you have a substantial number of posts up, backdate your first post to the day your website was created or earlier, if SEOQUAKE gives you an earlier start date – lucky you – you have an aged domain.) If you have an aged domain, back date only one or two posts per day.
  • Set up at least 5 internal links
  • Occasionally link out to a RAM page
  • Add each post to one or many of your RAM pages
  • Occasionally add a list to a page or post
  • Occasionally add the site banner and author bio (unless you have these in your site footer already)
  • Ensure every post is authored by YOU, has tags and is in the right category – you can do this from the quick edit page, and modify the posting dates at the same time.
  • Get the site indexed using the 19 domain appraisers and googleping and pingler.

No this ain’t easy! But it is worth the effort.


Day Four
Start with your ‘Post Ideas’ which contains your keyword research.
Work out what you can give away to get newsletter sign ups.

Create an Email Newsletter Autoresponder Sequence

  • Create a newsletter sequence on your autoresponder – you can use PLR for this as long as you add “your voice” to it, and re-write it so your personality and style are in the article. Make sure you are giving your readers VALUE.
  • Create a signup form for your website that funnels them into your newsletter.
  • Go visit your “My Competition” and comment on their posts.
  • Hire a Fiverr gigger to do the above for once a week for five weeks (100 comments?) – you supply the list of sites on which they comment.
  • A Fiverr gigger could also help you with your Social Media – But first you’ll need to create your business profiles or pages on Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.  Every post you post needs to be shared on all of your social media business accounts.

    Social Media Strategy?

  • Use intelligent paragraphs from your posts to comment on other websites, ensuring they have longtail or LSI keywords.
  • Register at some forums within your niche and post everyday – make sure to be generous with your commenting and always helpful. Again a Fiverr gigger or Virtual Assistant could help with this.
  • Keep up to date with WSOs and JVZOO products. Check JVZOO leaderboard for Launches – find out who are the affiliates that are winning the most launches – follow them and find out what they do. Subscribe to their email lists and emulate their process if you like them.
  • Get CB products for words starting with the letters BCDIKMQSTW – I have no logical reason why I used to do this! I think these letters have the least products! What was I thinking?
  • Add a text block including months and years to your site, bury it at the bottom of your sidebar or footer. It helps to have the years on site so your site is found for search terms which include the year.
  • See if Share-a-sale or Clicksure or JVZoo has any products for you to promote

    Day Five
    Make sure the following is on your site:
    / adsense
    / RSS feed
    / Links to competitors and authorities
    / inlinks from my other sites
    Back up your site and make an offsite backup

  • Upload Content Egg plugin and use its resources for adding Amazon products, CJ links, Related Keywords, Images and other. It’s a handy little plugin for finding ideas to post about.
  • Fill your blog with great content.

Write and Write and Write


Here I am at the end of my first draft of my Home Page.  If like me, you’ve done a brain dump, you’ll have a pretty substantial page.  I have 4000 words on this page and 45 linked pages that I need to put content on.

Creating those 45 pages is something I want to do pretty fast, because the bots and spiders are going to crawl my site and spot those broken links.


How quickly do YOU think I’ll be able to fill 45 posts?  Should take no longer than 10 minutes per post.

Grab your list of the posts you’re going to create.

blogging ideas post list


Using Pro ($99.00 p.a.), I’m going to create a list of the authority pages who sit on page one of Google for each of the keywords I’ll be writing about on each post.

This will then be stored in my account, available on the web, will rank most likely on Page 1, which will drive traffic to my  I’ll then embed the as a gallery on the post of the same name, write a paragraph or two and save the post.

Then I’ll add my post to the, which will ensure people who view the see my site!

This is only temporary, as I need to improve the post with detailed instructions, but remember, I want to do 45 posts in quick succession because I don’t want the bots and spiders finding broken links.  I promise it won’t take long!

The alternative is to add the plugin “Broken Link Checker” to your site and select the option to stop search engines following the broken links. Wink.



  • Write a brilliant article with a video and image, mind map, infographic or meme
    Record your own video even if it’s only a powerpoint with words and music to complete each of my “45 posts”.
  • Remember every time you write a post, that there are words in your paragraphs that you can expand upon – in another post
  • Add each post to your autoresponder sequence
  • Get it pinged and indexed
  • +1, Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, Snap Chat and Pin it.
  • Comment on 5 peoples posts in your niche who use commentluv
  • in the hour left of your day, fit in 10 hours of travel and work, sleep, rest and play.
  • really??

Look, there are quicker ways to create a blog.

There are great tools that can make things easier for you. But I haven’t yet found a single one that makes me feel like I’m authentic.


Only hard work is going to create your blog.

Sure, I could buy some push-button software that creates micro-niche websites for me – highly targeted to buyer keywords and sell Amazon products from my store. But that’s not where my passion lies. It will be part of my strategy, and there’s a great product called Instaniche that I’ll be using for that, but more on that later.

If you want to have a blog that is a success, then you will need to put in the effort

Here we are on Day Five – if you’ve followed along, it’s been a massive effort, for some it’s been a steep learning curve. Each day from here will be about repeating what you did on Day Three – over and over again.  Remember the 45 posts that I created from my Home Page, the ones that have a list on them – you need to expand on these post first.

Have fun with this – remember that you now have the bones of an authority site.  It has every chance of becoming something totally awesome. Good luck to you on your blogging journey and I hope you found some of what I wrote helpful to you.